Our Identity

In essence, Nai is the reflection of a woman’s intricate, emotional spirit. Nai understands what women really want and provides an exceptionally broad range of lingerie, underwear and pyjamas that cater a woman’s diverse stylistic taste in regards to fashion.

Sexy or casual, fashionable and elegant- Nai designs appeal to a wide variety of consumers who appreciate finding a variety of fabrics, styles and colors all in one place.

Mothers and daughters enjoy choosing matching pyjama sets; fathers and sons benefit from the comfort, quality and variety of Nai sleepwear, as well.

A Little Of Our Story

After more than 20 years of experience in the US lingerie market, Roger Jammal returned to Lebanon and established Nai Lingerie in 1998.Mr. Jammal’s industry expertise, especially enhanced by his former representation of over 20 major US underwear and lingerie brands in Europe and the Middle East, coupled with his personal business ambition transformed Nai Lingerie from an international wholesaler brand to a successful retailer in a very short period of time

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